Ajere – Wúrà

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Ajere is a vintage container sculpted out of wood and of unique design, used for storing/holding different sizable household items like jewelries, fruits, keys, etc. This one is designed with a smooth finish featuring a detailed sculpture a woman carrying a decorated calabash.

The calabash cover is designed to depict three cowries shells, a highly valued collectible across many African cultures. They are made into jewelry, hair ornaments, sown onto prestigious garments, used in religious rituals, and up until the late 19th century they were even used as money. Ajere is also a representation of how offerings are/were made to deities for past and future favors. Made in Osogbo, Nigeria.

Great addition for decorations in any room with the calabash able to hold sizable items. Suitable as gift for your art/cultural enthusiast friends and family for any occasion.



  • Size is shown as Base width x Height in inches.
  • 7 inches x 18 inches 
  • Bowl - 10 inches in diameter 
  • Weight: 7 lbs.


  • Wood


  • Tabletop/Countertop/Flat Surface


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