Ìmísí House is more than an art gallery. We are a company on a mission to empower African artists and restore the prominence of artistic creation back to our various cultures. As such, we focus on the artist, and ensure that every step we take prioritizes our artists and values them as our first customer.   


Why should I become an Ìmísí House artist?

Joining Ìmísí House gives you the luxury of just being an artist. It's a great way to export your products to a new customer market without any of the stress or financial obligations. In addition, you're able to make recurring income from the prints of your artwork. Joining Ìmísí House gives you the opportunity to take your artistry to the next level.


How to become an Ìmísí House artist?

Becoming an Ìmísí house artist is easy. Go through the entire Artist Handbook, fill the form, and submit it (along with a few samples of your artwork) to

  • Share your story: tell us about yourself and art background
  • Include your portfolio
  • Describe your artwork in detail, tell it’s story and be as specific as possible. Include the titles, styles, mediums, country of origin, inspiration, etc.
  • Put a price on your art: share your financial expectations from your piece. We’ll agree on sale price before your art is listed.
  • Share your social media handles and all current sale platforms

Note that artists cannot apply to sell original artwork they already sell elsewhere. All pieces must be exclusives


What can I sell on Ìmísí House?

Browse through our website to see what types of art pieces we offer. We only accept original art pieces. At this time, categories include

  • Original Paintings

  • Original Drawings

  • Original Sculptures

  • Hand-crafted art.

  • Digital Art

Please note we take copyright infringement very seriously. If you do not hold the rights for the use and reproduction of the images and art in your application, or are unable to prove that you hold these rights upon request, your application will be denied.


    How much is it to sell with Ìmísí House?

    Selling your artwork on Ìmísí House comes at no cost to you, and each artist gets a piece of every single product we sell on their behalf. Please view our profit sharing model below:

    Ìmísí House Artist
    Ìmísí House
    Original Artwork 60% 40%
    Art Prints 10% 90%
    Art NFTs 30% 70%
    Photographs 70% 30%


    Here at Ìmísí House, we take the initiative to maximize the output of each artwork we sell. So, we copyright, create prints, and NFTs for each painting. Not only does this maximize your streams of income from one piece of artwork, it creates the potential for residual income. and this maximizes your income. 

    In addition, all costs come from our commission. The cost of running the platform, prepping the products (general and custom framing costs, marketing, etc), selling the products (logistics, packaging, shipping, etc), and more.

    It is important to note that we sometimes runs promotions and offers exclusive discounts to customers. When these discounts reduce the final sale price, they also reduce your amount of profit (although your percentage of profit will stay the same) .



    How does shipping work?

    Once your application has been approved, Ìmísí House works with you on shipping. We provide shipping instructions to send us the artwork at no cost to you. You will be responsible for packaging the artwork. Once we receive your artwork, processing may take up to 14 business days. Please note that your artwork must include a certificate of authenticity. 

    Every shipment and it's contents must be coordinated with Ìmísí House. We reserve the rights to refuse any artwork not previously agreed upon. Artist will be responsible for all costs of returning such products.  


    Who can sell on Ìmísí House?

    Our mission at Ìmísí House is to elevate African art and artists. For this reason, we only approve applications from African artists. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, and must be the creator of all art they sell through Imisi House.

    There are some countries we can’t accept applications from due to the shipping restrictions. Please note that if you are an African artist from any of these locations, you will need an alternative address along with your application. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Iran, Syria, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan.


    Can I Apply with my artist name? 

    All applications must be made with your government name, and must match both your submitted photo identification and bank account details. However, if you have an artist name, this can be indicated in your application, and will be used when selling your art.


    How long before my application is finalized?

    Our current review time ranges from 6 - 8 weeks, and may include an interview with the applicant.   


    Why was my application rejected?

    Applications can be denied for many reasons, such as:
    • Incomplete or invalid application
      • Incorrect return address
      • Invalid or unverifiable identification 
      • Applicant does not meet criteria
      • Applicant is in a restricted country
      • No evidence of applicant's rights to use submitted artwork
    • Invalid products
      • Application contained items outside the allowed category
      • Submitted items may fit for Ìmísí House customers
      • Artwork was a direct copy of another artist’s work
      • Proposed products being sold on other platforms
    • Lack of enough proof that shows dedication to craft.
      • Badly photographed submitted artwork
      • Price discrepancy – Artwork is not within our threshold of $20 - $50,000.

        Whatever the reason, you will receive a fully detailed explanation to guide any re-applications in the future. 


        My application was rejected. What happens now?

        Rejected applicants may re-apply 6 months after a negative determination.


        My application has been approved. What happens next?

        Congratulations of becoming a part of the Ìmísí House community! We will contact you regarding next steps to get you up and running.