Ìmísí House is on a mission to restore the value of art back to Africa by easing accessibility to gifted undiscovered African artists, and sharing their magnificent creations with the world.

From prehistoric African rock art to the renowned bronze statues of the Benin kingdom, art has always been a functional and intentional part of our culture. Fueled by the richness of everyday life, traditions, and uninhibited expression, African artists created work that has inspired popular western artists and architecture for centuries. However, while other societies thrived, Africa lost its history and identity due to colonial looting and the slave trade.

Our goal is to bring back a time when art was regarded as an integral and valuable part of our life, and culture. One that manifested itself in every aspect of work, play, and beliefs. Art as a way to express emotions. Art as a way to celebrate. Art as a way to mourn. Art as a way to fight oppression. Art as a way to indicate societal or cultural belonging. Art as a way to unite. With every piece of art carrying its own unique story and symbolism. We are building a world where African artists can showcase their authentic expressions, using both old techniques perfected over generations and new contemporary methods to make a living doing what they love. We aim to make all forms of African art accessible to the rest of the world regardless of taste, space, or budget.

The name “Ìmísí” hails from Yoruba land in Nigeria, a country in West Africa. In English, it means “inspiration”, which is the genesis of all creation. We are Ìmísí House, we are here to amplify our people and share our beauty with the world.