Agony of Truth

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This is a tabletop sculpture inspired by the Samson Ndeikwila book that details frank accounts of the long and meandering walk towards independence by the brave people who fought for Namibia’s liberation. Uniquely carved with the depiction of a native trumpet player with an arrow in his head, sitting on a stable African map base.

The artist captures the cold, raw, and uncomfortable truths of pain that came with several African countries’ quest for independence. Many dreams were shattered when paranoia took over in the high echelons of the liberation movement to the point that nobody was really safe anymore. But also, many dreams have remained vivid until today.

With this peculiar piece of art, the artist emphasizes the need for Africans to tell their stories while alive. The need to talk about their experiences as they remember them, so that others who were not privy to these experiences can get closer to the truth. By learning about the greatness of those who came before us, we learn to become better human beings. And by learning about their mistakes, we learn as much as we can not to repeat them. Made in Nigeria.


  • Size is shown as Base width x Height in inches.
  • Small - 5 x 15 inches | 2.5 lbs.
  • Large - 7 x 20 inches | 4 lbs.


  • Wood


  • Tabletop/Countertop/Flat Surface


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