Oloolu Masquerade

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This is a handmade wood sculpture of a Yoruba masquerade called Oloolu and its talking drum player. Masquerades also known as "Egungun" in Yorubaland are traditional events involving masked dancers that embody different spirits. This is a popular practice found in several African cultures and serves as a means of connecting the people to their long gone ancestors who appear in form of human-spirit to give warnings and shower blessings on their lands. They happen during festivals, ceremonies, or rituals and can involve songs, dances, drama, and poetry. Masquerades reclaim the African heritage that was lost during colonial times, by embracing the spirit of African culture and customs and giving meaning to aspects of Africa’s history. Masquerades provide entertainment, define social roles, and communicate religious meaning. Every masquerade has a bearer that wears the traditional masks/outfit and embodies different spirits to perform the rites. The masks used in such performances are highly treasured as works of art.

Oloolu is a very powerful masquerade, regarded as the father of all masquerades in the Yoruba city of Ibadan, and one of the most revered in the entire Yorubaland and Africa for its powers and sacrility. Every July in Ibadan, the Oloolu masquerade appears to celebrate the Oloolu festival, which is said to bring favors to the region. Oloolu masquerade makes appearances in Ibadan’s most vibrant neighborhoods, displaying a one-of-a-kind performance. It wears a distinctive outfit that resembles an elongated pyramid comprised of various pieces of clothing and a net. The Oloolu masquerade’s most odd feature is its crown, which is a woman’s skull. The bearer proudly exhibits the human bone while accompanying the frightening cult figure as the Oloolu dances around the city in its weird rhythm.


  • Size is shown as Base width x Height in inches.
  • 7 inches x 21 inches 
  • Weight: 7 lbs.


  • Iroko Wood


  • Tabletop/Countertop/Flat Surface


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