Tribal Punu Mask

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Punu masks are believed to embody the spirits of deceased ancestors of the Punu People and serve as a means of communicating with the spirit world. The Punu people live along the upper Ngoumie River in Gabon.

Punu masks are characterized by their serene and delicate features, including high-domed foreheads, almond-shaped eyes, rigid high coiffures reflecting the Punu women's hair styles, and finely sculpted protuding noses and lips.  The face is powdered with kaolin "itengi" a specific type of white clay found in Gabon. These features are idealized and are often seen as representing the beauty and harmony valued in Punu culture. This mask is adorned with cowrie shells around the face and also comes with a wall fitting at the back for easy wall mounting. 

Like many traditional African masks, Punu masks are an expression of cultural identity and heritage. They carry the stories, beliefs, and traditions of the Punu people and serve as important cultural symbols passed down through generations. It's believed that wearing or displaying a Punu mask can ward off evil spirits and negative energies, thereby safeguarding the community or individuals. Punu masks are used in various ceremonies, including initiation rites, funerals, and other important cultural events. Owning or wearing a Punu mask also symbolizes social status and prestige within the Punu community. They are often crafted with great skill and are considered valuable cultural artifacts.


  • Size is shown approximately in inches. ,(Length x Width x Height)
  • Dimension: 14 inches (wood) 9 inches x 8 inches  
  • Weight: 3lbs 


  • Wood
  • Cowrie Shells


  • Ready to Hang


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