Orisha Oya

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This is a handmade sculpture of the Orisha Oya, a powerful female deity and warrior-queen in Yoruba land. She is associated with the Niger river and popularly known as the goddess of wind, storm, lightning, fire, and magic. According to Yoruba mythology, Oya was a spirit sent by one of the three manifestations of the supreme God known as Olodumare. She is known to be the favorite wife of Sango; the notorious god of thunder. Due to the complimentary powers they both possessed, Oya and Sango were known to be a powerful force that ravaged their enemies. Oya never died, but instead ascended into Orisha level together with her husband Sango after their time on earth.

Oya’s themes are justice, tradition, zeal, and femininity. She was known to be a wise and just deity who was regarded as the protector of women. She was often called upon by women who found themselves in troubling situations that they couldn’t resolve. She was an excellent businesswoman, gaining the title ‘Queen of the Marketplace’. She is also regarded as the goddess of fertility and rebirth. Oya’s worship is still active and continues to this day not only throughout Africa but also in places like Brazil.

Great addition for decorations in any room and also suitable as gift for your art/cultural enthusiast friends and family for any occasion. Made in Osun, Nigeria.


  • Size is shown as Base Width x Height in inches.
  • 3.75 x 17 inches 
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs.


  • Iroko Wood


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