The Timekeeper

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“The Timekeeper”: This is an original acrylic painting that captures the full moon hanging like a lamp in its full brightness, illuminating a woods trail on a dark evening enough for residents to coordinate their activities. A unique piece of art that highlights the impact of cultural astronomy in the continent.

Cultural astronomy exists in numerous traditions in Africa where Africans are known to use celestial knowledge to chart seasons in order to plan economic tasks, schedule, and coordinate both work & social activities i.e., agricultural cycles & market days, divination, festivals, spatial design, decision-making, etc. The moon in particular is an embodiment of the pan-African sense of time with its predictable and regular phases informing, illuminating, and regulating the average African living experience.

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  • Size is shown as Width x Height in inches.
  • Available in 36 inches x 24 inches only 


  • Acrylic
  • Matte Cotton Canvas


  • Rolled canvas, ships in a tube.


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