Carved Bone Necklaces

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Beautiful handcrafted African bone necklaces made out of bull bone and shaped in two styles - Tooth, and Spearhead. This necklace features a unisex style and makes a great gift for friends and family. The chain is crafted from beads with a brass closure. The "tooth" is carved bone, not actual tooth.

The tradition of wearing animal bones as jewelry dates back to ancient times, across different cultures all over Africa and the entire world. Using ancient trimming techniques and traditional batik style, these beautiful necklaces are carved from ethically sourced and sanitized animal bones that would otherwise be discarded. The bone is cut, carved, dyed and etched with the design. By up-cycling natural resources, these necklaces help contribute to Eco-friendly initiatives in their own little way. Each piece is handcrafted and as a result, no two pieces are identical. 

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  • Bead Chain Length: 20 inches


  • Bone


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