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“Godspeed”: This is an original portrait painting of a Palm wine tapper enroute with his gear in Ekiti, Nigeria. A unique piece of art that encompass the details of a long held recreational custom, the resulting cultural impact, and the sophistication of the techniques involved in the process. Tappers are known to set out with gourds tied to the tail of their vintage bicycles with balancing support ropes to climb tall palm trees.

Palm wine is an alcoholic beverage elaborated in different regions of Africa produced via the fermentation of sap from different palm species. For many African cultures, the palm wine is a tool of social cohesion served during casual visits/gatherings and has more formal usages in coronations and festivals in an effort to encourage friendship, brotherhood, and a link to pre-existing traditions. For example, in the Igbo tradition, spousal relationships are not considered solid until the suitor brings palm wine to the father of whomever they’re pursuing. Made in Africa; Lagos, Nigeria by Jamiu

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  • Size is shown as Width x Height in inches.
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  • Acrylic
  • Matte Cotton Canvas


  • Rolled canvas, ships in a tube.


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