Vintage Chokwe Mask – Congo, Angola, Zambia

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Large antique Chokwe mask, made of Panya Ngombe wood (also known as African ironwood), raffia fibers, barkcloth, bamboo, and rope. Decorated with animal horns, bamboo beards, and a small child head as the center piece. This rare collectible embodies themes of strength, power, wisdom, and spiritual connection, serving as a potent symbol of Chokwe identity, tradition, and cultural heritage.

Made by the Chokwe people, who primarily inhabit regions of Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and Zambia. Chokwe masks are an integral part of their cultural and artistic heritage. These masks are known for their intricate designs and symbolism, often used in traditional ceremonies such as initiation rituals/rites of passage, harvest festivals, dance performances, community gatherings, festivals, storytelling within Chokwe society, or other cultural events as a way to preserve and celebrate cultural heritage.

This mask depicts a warrior chief, referred to as Mwanangana, or "overseers of the land," an ancestral symbol of authority seen as the embodiment of the god Kalunga or Nzambi. The mask combines elements evoking masculine features and adornment, horns depicting strength/power, and bamboo beards showing wisdom/maturity/dignity. Some of the Chowke people converted to Christianity in large numbers during the colonial era, but the ancient beliefs were kept alive, resulting in a syncretism of beliefs and behaviors. For instance, they have kept the elaborate rites of passage ceremonies that were used to celebrate men and women becoming mature. 


  • Size is shown approximately in inches. ,(Length x Width x Height)
  • Dimension: 20 inches (wood) 29 inches (with raffia) x 16 inches  x 7 inches  
  • Weight: 3lbs


  • Wood, Raffia Fiber, Bamboo, Rope, Fabric, Horns


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